Canvasbutterfly in Words & Pictures

 I have always had a love of nature which was heightened by my Dad's own enthusiasm for the natural world. I now consider myself very fortunate to have lived in quite a few different places; the changing landscapes and weather conditions being a factor that influenced the diversity of wildlife I have seen.

On reflection I realise that very few of us get to live for any length of time in different areas of the UK let alone abroad whilst we are growing up. I myself did not always see this as a blessing. Having to leave friends behind time and again was hard. Joining new schools where I was usually the only new girl where friendship groups had most often been formed and cemented back in primary school was never easy. I used to wish that I too had had a true bestie that I had gone through all of my school years with! 

I realised later in life that my view of the world 'on our doorstep' took on wider proportions than many of my companions.

As I am now blessed with a handful of very good friends and a happy family life I would not be without my formative years that saw me running through lush green fields and learning to swim in a clear blue/green mediterranean sea. 

Nature and poetry (usually about nature and the environment) are close to my heart. I wrote the poem which I chose to use as my website background when I was a young teenager.

I have been asked a fair few times to make it accessible and certainly readable not just in glimpses. So here it is, I do hope you like my ramblings where nature was on my doorstep and I took pen to paper to capture those moments in time. 

Photos from the scarpbook - The Island Years                      The Outer Hebrides

Balivanich Beach - Benbecula        Machair grassland - Benbecula        Balavanich Beach after the rain
Dougarry Beach - North Uist               Coastline - North Uist                        Coastline - North Uist 
Loch behind the Red House  Looking out at sunset from North Uist                   Loch North Uist     
or Tagh Dearg  - North Uist  across the North Atlantic Ocean to St. Kilda 
Eriskay Island - Looking out at
South Uist
Standing on the dunes covered with marram grasses. Looking across to North Uist from Benbecula