Dragonfly Duo - Crimson            Darter & Violet Dropwing

   Hummingbird Creature Doodle

Unframed but with a mount surround

Bee choices which have been ever so popular 

Swallowtail Trio - Ebony frame with mount - 7" x 5" image size

This print is monochrome and available framed. There are four monochrome prints of this style available to download in the 'Prints to Download' section of my shop

making it possible to produce them in whatever size suits the space they are to fill.

Here are some of my mixed media designs.

Most recently added 'Happiness Blooms' (above)

My collage work with four images in a 'Vintage China Butterfly' series and 'Summer In The Allotment Garden' (below).

These are a compilation of mixed media design using my photography,drawing, pen work and watercolour and acrylic painting.


More popular choices from the Framed Pictures section

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       Vintage China Butterflies

'Marigolds,Chamomile & Butterflies'

I have always loved collecting vintage china, especially blue and white. In the small patio space of our Victorian terrace in Bath I have quite a collection of broken pieces of china. Whether found on a beach or in the soil on our allotment they all have pride of place along side the plant pots.


My earliest love (after butterflies and dragonflies which was my first passion) was probably for seashells. I remember as a child of eight finding my first exotic shell in Cyprus which was to start a collection that has spanned more than forty five years. Items that wash up on the seashore such as coloured glass also hold a fasination for me. I have adorned many a plant pot with glass and shells, a few were given as gifts for relatives.

The beach at South Queensferry was a favourite hunting ground. My three children would help me seek out treasures from the sea. I have fond memories of those times.


The final part of the jigsaw are plants and flowers in particular. I love my garden and allotment and have been passionate about planting for the butterflies and bees for many years. So this departure of four designs (at present) in my 'Vintage China Butterly' series represents a passion which I have held for as long as I can remember. A labour of love, I do hope you like them. 

     UPDATE on additions to my Canvasbutterfly

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