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Virtual Artisan Market Place

Picture a thriving busy market scene in the centre of an old historic City the Bath Artisan Market loved by many residents and tourists alike. Held throughout the year commencing in April on the first Saturday of each month. But not this year, April 4th 2020 was to be the first one in its usual haunt Queen Square, Bath.

We are now in the midst of most unusual times. Never before in our living memory has such a life altering event taken place. People are frightened of being infected by this virus with its far reaching spread across the World. Our daily existence has been turned on its head. What we can or can not do in light of self guarding issues and protecting the greater population has changed the face of 21st century life.

Many of us have lost the ability to make a living. We are very fearful of this novel virus and extremely concerned as to the continued loss of life we hear of daily. How are we to keep our livlihoods the businesses that many of us have created for ourselves is also a major worry.

People in many communities are searching for new ideas to preserve their ability of making a wage. Traders in the Bath Artisan Market community plan to present themselves and their wares in an online virtual Bath Artisan Market. We hope to reach potential customers from around the world. Facebook Live will serve as the medium to project our talented bunch of makers, designers, crafters, home decor creators, artists and jewellery makers to name but a few of the many traders that make up our collective.

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to discover and LIKE the Bath Artisan Market Facebook page and when our first market surfaces you will be notified.

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