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The Fabric of Life ~ Clean As Cotton Used To Be

We have all heard the expression or seen this tag attributed to a product 'Clean Cotton'. Whether it be a candle a room fragrance a washing product a ladies perfume or otherwise we see it and we know what to expect of a fragrance with that discription. Perceivably a fresh 'comforting' and often beneficial aroma.

From our earliest days we are wrapped up and dressed in pure cotton garments. For those who try and uphold a more 'Green' way of living todays nappies follow that of yesteryear and are made from cotton. They can be washed and reused again and again and will stand the test of time.

Who doesn't appreciate the feeling of a quality cotton towel after you have showered or bathed. Mixed fibres just dont cut it when it comes to the attributes of true cotton fabric in all its many guises. I would guess that there are many shoppers like myself who check out the clothing label to see what a garment is made from and find out its care label instructions. Cotton has long been prized for its purity, its comfort to wear, how it breathes and resists static electricity build up. Today that has not altered cotton is a superior product in many ways.

In the past decade or so many businesses have been much more aware of pollution and have become proactive in producing garments and products that are both sustainable and that have been maufactured using clean energy. As consumers many of us would want to buy into a better quality of life. If that means supporting the ethos of recycle and reuse then all the better. Within the Western World there has been a stark eye opener in the past year with regards to our collective consumer habits in the use of plastics. We are now trying to address what has gone before.

Within the clothing industry garments have been made in a vast array of manmade and mixed fibres over the years that are not always recyclable. Albeit that as a society we are not fully geared up yet to making the process of disposing/recycling of all clothing easy for everyman. It is obvious that going forward into the 21st century the fashion industry needs to curtail its habit of producing clothing that is not recyclable and therefore not fully sustainable.

Do you know that for every marathon that is run around the world year in year out the vast majority of those T-shirts that advertise a brand or charity are currently made from polyester, which is a plastic. So in the future they should be made from cotton and therefore will be biodegradable at least and recyclable at their very best.

I have wanted to bring my artwork images to more people in other ways than just my wall art prints, canvas bags and cards. The printable artworks that are available from my shop can be used on fabrics for home decor and the like. I wanted to see my designs on clothing that could be worn by everyone everyday. So customisable T-shirts was the way ahead. The company I choose to use is Teemill as it uses renewable energy and produces garments made from 100% organic cotton that can be recycled and made new again. Discover more here

I am pleased to say that Canvasbutterfly has just commenced a journey into the production of T-shirts on demand. I plan to use many more of my designs and create new images especially for T-shirts for nature lovers of all ages. Please view my first few here

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