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October 2019 Bath Artisan Market
Elipse logo_edited-1
A selection of popular images
Swallowtails trio_Watermarked edited-2
Entomology II - A special collection
Mirrors Scenic all together
Bath Life Image from magazine
Canvasbutterfly Mothers Day Picture Gift
Mirrors Hare Fox Seahorse
Copy Molly Makes April 2017_edited-1
Shopper 'Scarlet Butterfly' Reverse
Shopper Butterfly Trio
Shopper 'Batik dragonfly' Reverse
Shopper Dragonfly FRONT
Bumble Bee small oak frame
Monarch on Canvas
' Canvas XXXXVII '
' Canvas LV '
' Canvas LIV '
Bee Card pack
Greeting Cards pack
Print - Carder Bee Duo
Greetings Cards
Greeting Cards
Dragonflies on Canvas.Canvas XXXXV.jpg
Print Coral Ground PtdLady Red Admiral Small Tort 2014.jpg

Paintings of butterflies, bees, dragonflies, moths and beetles. Prints and framed pictures, mounted artwork and cards. Original insect and animal artwork. Wall art for the home ~ adults and kids pictures for walls

Canvasbutterfly ~   

 Bath England United Kingdom

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